Most of us have started to see how artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the job landscape.  We have robots laying bricks, flipping burgers and packing orders and more and more of us are engaging with our own ‘smart’ personal assistant on an everyday basis (think Siri, Cortana, Google or Alexa).  AI is evolving constantly and Adzuna recently reported that one in three Aussie jobs are at risk of being replaced by automation by 2030.  Repetitive, procedural jobs are those at highest risk and the latest Australian Jobs publication predicts that factory process workers, secretaries and plant operators will be among those occupations that experience a decline over the next five years.

But take heart; there are plenty of jobs that require skills that humans can master but computers can’t yet replace (consider empathy, creativity, complex problem solving, people management and emotional intelligence).  The future appears bright for carers and teachers and the changing job landscape is also presenting new opportunities.  Australian Government’s Future Outlook predicts there will be around 886,000 additional jobs by 2023 and certain industries are set to boom including healthcare and social assistance, construction, education and training, and professional, scientific and technical services (in fact, Future Outlook predicts that 2 in every 3 new jobs will come from one of these four industries).  Employment projections also show that Ipswich and the Gold Coast will drive Queensland’s jobs growth over the next five years (with one in three of all new positions created expected to be in one of these two regions).

So whilst I’m not sure that there are any “future-proof” careers, I do know this… planning and making smart career choices around your interests (in industries that are less likely to be automated), being prepared to learn (and re-learn) and equipping yourself with skills that differentiate you from the ‘bots will help.

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